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best website to buy vitamins, supplements in malaysia is a company from united states, with a discount coupon.

Malaysian shopping experience at, and shipping through customs. is a company based in California, USA and in my opinion the top place to buy supplements, vitamins, health, cosmetic, soap and food products in the world. In my experience the prices for the same products in Malaysia are over twice as much after conversion from USD. buying direct from iherb has to potential to save hundreds or thousands of ringgit a year. It can even have the potential to start your own small business.

Malaysian Customs.
My cousin only had an issue with customs once when he ordered 4 collagen powders.  He had to pay 30 ringgit to customs at the time of delivery, which was still a great value considering how much he saved.  International shipping is discounted which makes it a great value. Payments are accepted with any major credit card! The website is secure and safe to use, I do use it myself!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

I save 100's a year buying from iherb instead of the health food store.
Cutting edge suppliments at wholesale prices. There is no reason not to shop there.

Go to there benefits page to see why they are #1 rated for 4 years in a row! go to

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

iHerb coupon code LAZ455

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I have ordered hundreds of dollars worth from them, they have huge discounts from retail prices. Once a bottle of soap broke during shipping and they replaced it with one phone call.

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Thanks and stay healthy.

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vitamins, fish oil, calcium, coq10, natural soaps, superfoods and more

*This site is not owned or operated by iherb inc. I am an satisfied customer, all the other details are stated above. : top 10 reasons to shop at iherb

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